Seamless Connectivity

Comtech ensures connectivity between geographically diverse locations is agile, secure, and efficient

One stop shop

With Comtech, customers get one point of contact and do not have to worry about the multiple levels of engagement and vendors.

Service Offerings

Universal availability of secure and fast internet connectivity is a necessity in today’s world. High speed connectivity is to play a crucial part in the development of organizations and economies and Comtech provides the best-in-class solutions with partners like COVAD, Time Warner Cable, Cox and Comcast.

Comtech Solution Provides

  • High Bandwidth and Access Connectivity: Nationwide access for DSL, ISDN and satellite services resolves last mile connectivity issues.
  • Performance and Reliability: Best-of-class components and extensive experience ensure dependable remote access to critical applications.
  • Security and Integrity: VPN access, vulnerability assessment, and virus protection address requirements for classified and unclassified data.
  • Installation and Support:  Comtech simplifies complex connectivity needs by managing the procurement and installation process and integrating support using our staff of certified technicians.
  • Comtech’s experienced team of network engineers delivers cost-effective, quality connectivity solutions and support designed to meet the customer’s specific needs

Comtech provides a variety of broadband services to suit your budget and connectivity requirements, including:







Comtech VPN solutions enable the use of inexpensive Internet connections while providing authentication and encryption for ‘in flight’ data for security compliance.

Comtech’s experience in providing end-to-end VOIP systems includes:

Need assessment

System design

Component specification

System deployment

User Training

Managed Services

Comtech provides comprehensive 24/7/365 monitoring support for your network. Comtech provides support for global networks with management operations and upgrades as required.

Why Comtech

Customer centricity has been the hallmark of Comtech’s services and success. Comtech provides value-added services to the customers, over and above the basic connectivity and builds scalable solutions customized to the needs of the customers.

GSA IT Schedule 70

Comtech has its services on the GSA IT Schedule 70, for ease of procurement by all Federal and Public sector agencies. We have partnerships with the best operators to provide the service you need.

Outstanding performance

Comtech has over 17 years of long-standing relationships with Federal and Public sector agencies and a history of exceptional project execution efficiency with customer needs as paramount.