Messaging and Collaboration


Ensuring robust and secure infrastructure for effective communication

Comtech engineers design and develop IT infrastructure architecture and support all aspects of deployment. Our engineers evaluate equipment and software and integrate new components to maintain the integrity and security required by company or agency policy and Federal mandates. Moreover, they monitor and proactively maintain various components including E-mail Servers, Gateways, and Firewalls that constitute the email network.

  • We support E-Mail Messaging Systems which include:

    • Client and web mail
    • Anti-virus
    • Anti-spam
    • Messaging security applications
    • Collaborative and groupware applications
    • Web conferencing
  • Enterprise Messaging:

    • Comtech engineers manage the national email system for GSA and the messaging systems tie into Cisco switches.
    • Comtech is immersed in all aspects of the requirements and connectivity for this infrastructure which include:
    • Managing Lotus Notes Enterprise architecture interfaced to e-Authentication, VOIP applications
    • Currently supporting 17,000 users nationwide
    • Designing a correlation tool that virtualizes SOC operations enterprise wide

In order to provide our clients with superior technology solutions, Comtech embraces new and emerging technologies to deliver exemplary services on time and within budget. As a result, the Comtech team has been instrumental over the past three years in the deployment of new technologies in GSA’s messaging and collaboration infrastructure

  • Our collaborative team is playing a key role in assembling systems, processes, and procedure for the smooth operation of the GSA National Notes Infrastructure and GSA Enterprise Messaging System
  • Comtech fully understands the mission of designing, managing, and maintaining a scalable, robust, secure and highly available infrastructure
  • Comtech has repeatedly proven our capabilities to deliver results by providing a highly skilled team of creative and capable engineers.