Threat Remediation

Rapidly responding to security incidents in a compliant and thoughtful manner

Despite the best technology available, and strict enforcement of a thoughtful security policy, time has shown that virtually any computer system or network can be compromised if an adversary expends sufficient resources and attention to accomplish their goal.  Protections should never be ignored as part of development and implementation through operations of the security policy, but the timely detection and appropriate response through remediation efforts are key to successful Cyber Security outcomes.

Comtech has extensive experience in the design and deployment of Remediation efforts in response to detected attacks.  Regular and automated patching through the use of orchestration tools has proved invaluable in aligning resources. Additionally, it allows for focus on emerging threats and to identify the types of anomalies that indicate an ongoing attempt to exploit vulnerabilities including both Day Zero type events, as well as more sophisticated and difficult to detect social engineering approaches.

compliance button position. Concept image for illustration of compliance in the highest position , 3d rendering

Remediation Response:

  • The detection of malware and associated attacks and the appropriate operational response must be included in the critical path of the overall Cyber Security program.
  • Technology and policy can be adapted to emerging threats in a feedback loop that will help sustain availability and protect data both at rest and in transit.
  • Automating detection and response provides a framework for the maximum effectiveness of human security staff resources
  • The goal is to handle the situation in a way that limits damage and reduces recovery time and costs