Policies and Governance

Policy Compliance

Comtech has been instrumental in helping agencies develop and implement Network Security Policy as well as enforcing that policy through Operational Security controls

Comtech believes strongly in working with policymakers to identify and share the technical capabilities of the security fabric layers, in order to align the policy objectives, language, and security fabric layers in a way that works toward elimination or reduction of the gap between the ideals and reality.

Security Policies are frequently developed by taking standard policy language and trying to adapt it for organizational needs.  There is often a fairly large gap between the aspirations of the policy, and what the underlying technical security fabric can actually deliver.

Comtech Cyber Policy & Governance services support the transition to a management-led Cyber risk program that balances requirements to be secure, vigilant, and resilient in line with the risk appetite of the organization while supporting Business Value. This includes both the development and management of policies and operational support for policy implementation and enforcement

Cyber security and information or network protection. Future cyber technology web services for business and internet project

Developing and enforcing the policy

In-depth analysis of valuable business resources

 Fully understand the accepted risks

Focus on Security Operations to protect the appropriate identified resources

Ensure appropriate countermeasures are in place to prevent and detect logic

Identify business objectives

Attain authority to operate

Enforce acceptable use policy