Enterprise Mobility

Enabling Digital Transformation


Enterprise Mobility enabling Digital Transformation:

Today, organizations face tremendous pressure and challenges to provide a seamless connectivity and one-click access to real-time data, applications etc. for customers, vendors/suppliers, partners and employees. Collaboration, connectivity and communication are the need of the hour for organizations to become a digital enterprise by reducing costs and improving customer experience.

At Comtech, our goal is to help enterprises adapt the roadmap to digital transformation through initiatives like Enterprise Mobility, Internet of Things (IoT), Analytics, DevOps etc. Comtech has deep expertise in enterprise mobility and brings the latest in mobile technology, engagement models and system integration expertise to deliver an end-to-end mobility solution for enterprises helping them improve employee productivity, increase customer engagement, and solve organizational inefficiencies.


We offer a complete spectrum of services — from consulting and strategy to mobile technology services (mobile application development and maintenance, mobile testing services, managed mobility services) to mobile security, infrastructure and analytics.

  1. Mobility Consulting and Strategy
    1. Design Roadmap for Mobility Adoption
    2. Technology Selection and Prototyping
    3. Governance framework for Mobility Projects
    4. Mobile Application Architecture and Design
    5. Mobile Security Framework (User Role, Access Definition)
  2. Mobile Application Development and Maintenance: Proven implementation methodology with focus on standards and processes resulting in robust deployments
    1. Immersive User Experience design and implementation
      1. User behaviour research, journey tracking leading to wireframes design
      2. Visual design using industry standard frameworks (Material, Iconic etc.)
      3. Usability studies for ensuring high adoption among users
    2. End-to-end application design, development and maintenance across various platforms (Native and Hybrid iOS, Android, Windows, HTML5)
    3. Mobile Development services include
      1. Application Enhancements and Support
      2. Reengineering of existing applications
      3. Migration/Upgrade of applications to latest technology platforms
      4. Mobile-enabling of Legacy Applications
  3. Mobile Application QA/ Testing
    1. Test Consulting
      1. Mobile Test Strategy and Planning
      2. Testing Environment Set-up and Tools evaluation
    2. Specialized Testing
      1. Functional Testing
      2. User Experience Testing
      3. Test Automation
      4. Performance Testing
      5. Device Adaptability Testing
      6. Security Testing (including BYOD best practices validation)
      7. Compliance Testing (including App Store Listing Testing)
  4. Mobile Infrastructure and Operations Management
    1. Cloud based management (MDM and MAM) solutions
      1. VPN, Email and Wi-Fi profiles
      2. Policy updates and changes
      3. Compliance Reporting
    2. Mobile Security
      1. Multi-factor Authentication
      2. User, Device, Application and Data Security
    3. Infrastructure setup and Support
      1. Cloud setup and Management
      2. On-Premise/Data Center setup and Management
      3. End User Support, Monitoring and Enablement
  5. Mobile Analytics
    1. Dashboard and Reporting (Key Metrics)
    2. User and Access Management
    3. Mobile Traffic and User Engagement
    4. Custom Predictive Analysis and Recommendations
    5. Text and Sentimental Analysis

Technology Focus Areas:

Comtech works across the latest and niche technologies used for developing mobility solutions. Some of the key technologie we have worked with are:

  1. iOS Development - Objective C, Swift
  2. Android Development - Java, XML
  3. Windows Mobile - HTML5/Canvas, C#, VB.NET
  4. Hybrid - Ionic, Phonegap, Cordova, Javascript, HTML5
  5. Design - Wireframe, UX, Storyboarding

Unique Value Proposition of our Mobility Solutions:

Comtech’s well-managed enterprise mobility solution allows for greater efficiency, improved productivity, and improved employee and customer interactions.

  1. Cost Savings: Using a cost-effective Global Delivery Model for project execution, our solution can bring a cost savings of almost 30-40% as compared to a pure onsite framework
  2. Ready Workforce:Large pool of skilled resources with 30+ consultants across Mobility, UI/UX, Android, iOS, Windows having rich experience from large and complex mobility and digital transformation engagements
  3. Accelerators: Ready-made components for various features like geolocation, user engagement, user feedback, user support, admin dashboard & reporting etc. to reduce time to develop by almost 50%

Success Stories:

Comtech has a deep expertise in developing mobile applications for various usages like geolocation services,Social Networking and sharing pictures/data.Some of the key apps that we developed are:


  1. Happeninz provides location based social messaging services to users who can leverage it to stay in touch or propagate relevant information.
  2. Application is in the process of beta rollout for various business purposes (Smart cities, Disaster management, few Social causes like Blood donor information etc.)
  3. Showcased the application as a useful tool during natural calamities such as floods, snow storms, fire, etc in a two-day seminar on Disaster Management organized by Government of Himachal Pradesh, India.

Pic ‘N’ Roll

  1. Pic ’N’ Roll is a comprehensive app that instantly sends your pictures to one’s friends and family members all over the globe.
  2. One can upload photos or videos for instant broadcast across personal network. Sharing pictures becomes such an amazing and enjoyable experience making it a perfect tool.

Comtech has been able to accomplish various milestones with mobile application development as below:

  1. 10,000+ users across product lines, iOS (v 5/6) and Android (4.2+) based development
  2. Native UI design features (Long press to mark, soft touch for hint pop-up etc.)
  3. Consistent information architecture across platforms, Iconography / navigation built to blend with the native design